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Photos from the field

Bat exclusion – Rockport, MA. Bats tend to enter at any junction on the roof, dormers, etc. They can get into the ridge vent on homes with older roofs. One way doors and thorough sealing will work every time of done properly.

Bat exclusion – Rockport, MA.

Bat exclusion – Rockport, MA.

Bird exclusion – Ipswich DPW – Ipswich, MA

Bird exclusion – Ipswich DPW – Ipswich, MA

Bird exclusion – Ipswich DPW – Ipswich, MA

Wall void wasp nest – Essex, MA. The client thought there was a water leak in the ceiling, poked at the spot and got a face full of yellow jackets! We removed the nest and the problem was solved.

Wall void Yellow Jacket nest in Ipswich, MA. The client came home to find most of the wasp colony in her bedroom!

Gypsy Moth – Ipswich, MA

Brown Bat – Essex, MA. Successfully excluded from getting into the attic!

Bat exclusion – Gloucester, MA. Installed one way doors and seled all other openings. One way doors were removed 2 weeks later leading to another successful Bat exclusion.

Phasmatodea(or stick bug) – Topsfield, MA

Wasp Nest Removal

Bald Faced Hornet nest – North Andover, MA

Garter Snake – Middleton, MA

Mouse Control – Wenham, MA. The house and shed were both totally infested with mice. They are super cute, but were chewing wires and causing a lot of damage to the elderly clients home. We were able to gain control of the population and prevent new mice from re-infesting the structures.

Bald Faced Hornet nest – Georgetown, MA

Termite Mud Tube – Hamilton, MA

Mouse damaged wire – Rowley, MA. The mice were coming and going from this spot in the wall. They had to chew the wire jacket to squeeze through, making it a major fire hazard.

Rat droppings – Middleton, MA

Carpenter Ants – Beverly, MA

Carpenter Ants – Essex, MA

Mouse control – Lynnfield, MA. The mice were stock piling acorns in the attic, basement, garage and shed. Yes, mice DO in fact bring acorns into the house!

Paper Wasp(yellow jacket) nest – Danvers, MA