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Termite “swarmers” are often confused with winged ant “swarmers”. Knowing the difference will give you peace of mind. While carpenter ants can chew away the wood, Termites actually FEED on the wood in your home! Advantage Pest Control offers a safe and non-intrusive Termite program that is proven to work long term.

Termite Removal: We treat all exposed wooden sill, joists and beams in the basement and other damaged areas with a Boron based wood protectant, that will last for the life of your home, protecting it for generations to come. Wall voids in areas of termite activity can also be treated in a very non-intrusive manner. Finally, we also install a Termite Monitoring and Baiting system around the exterior of the house that is serviced quarterly, and can be kept up with as long as you desire. Once total colony elimination is achieved, the system stays in place for continued monitoring. We do not offer chemical ground injections, as we believe it is unnecessary to pump hundreds of gallons of chemicals straight into the earth around your home!