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House and Field Mice are common pests on the North Shore that can cause incredible damage to your home or business. These rodents are known for chewing on electrical wires, which in turn can lead to fires or costly electrical and IT repairs. Mice are nocturnal and can be quite noisy in the walls or ceilings at night. We have had people swear they have a raccoon in the attic, when it turns out to be mice. Additionally their droppings can spread Salmonella and Hantavirus, both potentially deadly diseases. Mouse infestations in places of business are a huge concern with server damage and data loss causing millions of dollars in lost revenue each year.

Mouse Removal: Advantage Pest Control performs a complete home inspection to try to find the nesting sites and points of entry. Mouse control is fairly easily achieved through baiting. Trapping can be much less effective in certain situations, but beneficial in others. All mouse treatments include a follow up inspection.

Local mouse exclusion service in Topsfield and Manchester, MA