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Advantage Pest Control
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 12 reviews
by Donnalynn Gibson on Advantage Pest Control

Hi Dan. Jeff was a really nice person and represented your company very well. I lucked out the day I called you. Thanks for all you do for us.



by Gail Renaud on Advantage Pest Control
Very Happy customer

We had been bothered for several years by birds making nests in our awning. The worst part was the poop the leave all over the deck. We had used our own remedies, suggestions over the phone and several pest control companies, etc. etc. Nothing worked and nobody ever followed through. Then I randomly called Advantage Pest Control. I spoke to Dan, and he assured me that they could take care of my problem and they did. They spent many hours neatly attaching metal screening to the entire area and the problem no longer exists. I was amazed at how neat and finished looking it was after, not to mention the birds were gone. Very Happy!!

Gail Renaud

Andover, MA

by Tammy Daley on Advantage Pest Control
I highly recommend Advantage Pest Control

I had a severe ant issue and Advantage Pest Control was recommended to me by a neighbor. The exterminator that came to my home was courteous and professional. He explained the whole process to me. I had a ton of questions. I have to say I am very pleased with the experience from start to finish. Thank you to my neighbor for recommending a great company!! Thank you Advantage Pest Control.

by Martha Walton on Advantage Pest Control
Carpenter Bees Gone!

I had carpenter bees for years and no one was able to get rid of them. In the meanwhile, the bees were able to do a great deal of damage to our home and to attract woodpeckers who did further damage pecking for the bee larvae.

However, Advantage Pest Control was able to eliminate them and I am grateful.

by Paul Laskowski on Advantage Pest Control
No more yellow jackets

Dan, you did a great job and I haven't seen a bee since you sprayed. Thank you again!

by Kathy Linehan on Advantage Pest Control
Great Service

Dan: Thank you for the great service at a reasonable price.Your knowledge and professionalism was superb. The end result is we have not seen a bee, dead or alive, in the last two days. Thank you

by Heather Johnstone on Advantage Pest Control
Saved me from millipedes (and imaginary cockroaches)!

There were zillions of millipedes on my porch and in the basement. It was disgusting. Advantage Pest Control calmly and pleasantly saved the day by using organic products around the foundation of my house. No more millipedes! They also confirmed (with humor) that the other bugs in my basement were harmless beetles and not cockroaches. Thank goodness. I highly recommend Advantage Pest Control.

by Jay Johnson on Advantage Pest Control
Advantage Pest Control removed bats and birds from my attic

I had bats and birds in my attic when I first bought my home. Advantage Pest Control excluded all of the problem animals from my house in a timely manner, and I haven’t had a problem in over 3 years. They came out within a couple days from calling and solved all of my issues. Advantage Pest Control is top notch!

by John Sperry on Advantage Pest Control
Advantage Pest Control is an honest A+ company

I thought I had cockroaches, but it was just common beetles. Advantage Pest Control came out and let me know that it wasn’t roaches. It’s nice to know that there are still honest companies out there. A+

by Gary L. Sanchez on Advantage Pest Control
Advantage Pest totally eliminated a serious bed bug infestation

Advantage Pest totally eliminated a serious bed bug infestation from an 8 unit apartment building that I own. They are easy to talk to on the phone, and they made me feel comfortable and at ease with my problem. I will use Advantage Pest Control for ALL of my future exterminating needs.

by Lisa Prowse on Advantage Pest Control
Exterminated my ants, bees, wasps, hornets and mice,

Advantage Pest Control is very knowledgeable in the pest control field, and fair with their pricing. They exterminated my ants, bees, wasps, hornets and mice, when no other companies could get the job done. I highly recommend Advantage Pest Control to anyone!

by J. Paul on Advantage Pest Control
removed the skunks living under our back yard shed.

Thanks to APC for removing the skunks living under our back yard shed. They blocked it all off, so now animals can’t even get under there again. Great Company!