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Advantage Pest Control is accredited to supply Newburyport, MA with quality Pest Control Management & Exterminator services.

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Advantage Pest Control offers full house pest inspections. Advantage Pest Control offers biological, chemical, & cultural pest management strategies to clear away your rodent or bug problems. The safety of yourself, your family, your personal property along with atmosphere are constantly our objective. Advantage Pest Control does away with insect infestations, invading wildlife, & mice using the most recent bug control and pest management approaches. Advantage Pest Control delivers improvements to your property like, installing of chimney caps, vent covers, door sweeps, foundation patching as well as other kinds of wildlife and bug exclusions. Advantage Pest Control offer you gutter cleaning, flushing and repairs. We take great pride in our well trained specialists & customer care. We possess expert service professionals that are available to work within the best scheduling needs.