Pest Control Andover, MA

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Advantage Pest Control is certified to provide Andover, MA with high-quality Pest Control / Exterminator services.

Advantage Pest Control offers complete household pest inspections. Advantage Pest Control offers biological, chemical, and cultural pest management strategies to eradicate your rodent or bug problems. The safety of you, your family, your home along with atmosphere are always our priority. Advantage Pest Control does away with pesky insects, problem animals, and mice making use of the newest pest control solutions.

Advantage Pest Control includes modifications to your property such as, installing of chimney caps, vent covers, door sweeps, foundation repair as well as other kinds of pest and insect exclusions. Advantage Pest Control also provides gutter flushing, cleaning, & repairs. We take great pride in our well trained technicians & customer support. We have expert service techs that are open to work with your schedule.